Our Services


Money transfers and Cell phone banking

Western Union Ideal for any one who wants to send or receive money from anywhere in the world

Main Features Main benefits Basic requirements (To Send or Receive)
  • Customer does not need a bank account to use the service
  • Fees are paid by the sender
Global money transfer service
Instant transfer
Easy to use
Proper documentation
To receive (Sender’s Name, Country, and amount in local currency)

Standing Orders

This service is ideal for Opportunity Bank customer who wants to transfer money consistently from one account to another over a specified period of time

Main Features Main benefits Basic requirements
  • Standing order form should be filled by the customer
    which will specify dates and amounts to be transferred
  • 2000/= will be charged for OU inter account transfers
  • 2500/= from OU to any account in another bank.
Instant transfers
Can be used nation Wide
Monthly transfers can be effected consistently
Takes away customers worry of moving physical
cash in bulk
Applicant and recipient must be OU account holders
Applicant’s account must have enough money to effect the transfer


School Fees Collection

Service available for schools that have an arrangement with Opportunity Bank

Main Features Main benefits Basic requirements
  • School must have either a business account or a collection account with OU
  • Each Student is charged a bank charge per payment
  • 1,000/= per payment
Free transfer to school’s account of choice
Free bank slips.
Statements available at a low charge.
A letter of introduction addressed to OU from either school, employers or LC1 where the school is located for the school and signatories.
A letter from the ministry showing registration and pending certificate of registration/license.
Four passport size photos for each signatory
Photocopies of ID, Passport, Driving permit or voters’ card.

Salary Processing

Ideal for individuals who want to receive their salaries from OBUL

Main Features Main benefits Basic requirements
  • Company staff must have a transaction account
  • Salary processing at 2,500/=
24 hour salary processing Indemnity (Document that clearly spells out that the company will pay any charges that arise from bounced cheques)
Or Company can transfer money from their account directly to OU