Agent Banking

Opportunity Bank Uganda’s agent banking initiative plays a crucial role in enhancing financial inclusion, promoting economic empowerment, and driving socio-economic development in Uganda by making essential financial services more accessible to a wider range of people.

Agent banking is simply third party banking. This is where our customers are able to carry out bank transactions at any of our contracted Agents. Agents are selected and appraised by the Opportunity Bank and then approved by Bank of Uganda. Upon approval, the Bank signs contracts with the agents, train them and brand their premises prior to carrying transactions.  In order to access the service, one is required to hold an account with Opportunity.

  1. – Services Offered at Agent Locations
  2. – Cash Deposit
  3. – Cash Withdrawal
  4. – Account Opening
  5. – Loan Application Initiation
  6. – School Fees Location
  7. – Third Party Payment(UMEME, NWSC, URA, KCCA)
  8. – Balance Inquiries
  9. – Mini Statements & Full Statements
  1. – Enhanced convenience by taking banking to customers’ neighborhoods, Improve customer service through extended banking hours.
  2. – Increasing accessibility to our services especially in the rural areas through increased outreach.
  3. – Delivering tailor made solutions to meet the needs of our customers

– Have an account with opportunity